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Untitled Project

Cruel Summer 3

Sequel: Cruel Summer - Part II

Cruel Summer

Blood, Guts and Sunshine: The History of Horror Made in Florida

Hell's Bells w/ Marc "Skippy" Price

Graveyard Stories 2 w/ George Stover

Death Care w/Tom Komisar & Cameron Scott

Meathook Massacre 4 w/ Brinke Stevens

You're It! (announced)

Magnetic Highway w/ Tim Ritter & Paul Zamarelli

Magnetic Highway - Exit 2 w/ P.J. Starks & Matt Cloude

Nightblade w/ Todd Bridges, Robert LaSardo & Betsy Rue

Don't Look in the Basement 2 w/ Camilla Carr

Night of the Living Dead: Genesis w/ Judith O'Dea

The Hospital w/ John Dugan

The Hospital 2 w/ Debbie Rochon and Betsy Rue

​I Dared You! Truth or Dare 5 w/ Joel D. Wynkoop

Paranormalice (Segment: About the Neighbor)
Southwest w/ Paul Bradford & Barry Fitzgerald

Creepy Crawly w/ Cyndi Crotts

Hybrid w/ Luck Mangione

Camp Massacre (a.k.a. Fat Chance) w/ Al Snow and Bree Olson

Television / Series

Ghost Hunters International Syfy Channel 


Overlooked & Underrated (horror movie companion)

Overlooked & Underrated 2 (horror movie companion)

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