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One of the stars of the popular reality TV series, Syfy Channel's Ghost Hunters International (2008-2012), Scott has successfully made the jump from TV to movies, and has quickly become a familiar name in the independent film scene, having appeared in such notable horror movies as Rise of the Living Dead, Don't Look in the Basement 2, The Hospital, The Hospital 2, Camp Massacre, Hell's Bells, I Dared You! Truth or Dare 5 and more.

Scott is also the co-owner and co-founder of
Los Bastardz Productions, an independent feature film production company which he runs with his close friend and frequent collaborator, Jim O’Rear (ABC's Nashville). Their upcoming 2024 feature film, Cruel Summer III: Pray for Fall is the epic final installment of their "slasher throwback" franchise started in 2021 and promises to close out the story of Gunnar and his murderous family in a big, memorable way. Cruel Summer and Sequel: Cruel Summer II are now available to own on Blu-ray and VHS by Scream Team Releasing, and also through numerous streaming services. Cruel Summer III: Pray for Fall is planned for a summer 2024 release through the same mediums.

Scott is also the author of two horror themed books, Overlooked & Underrated: 100 Fantastic Forgotten Films of Horror and Overlooked & Underrated 2: 100 More Home Video Horror Gems.

Scott is a huge fan and memorabilia collector of the classic 1950's sitcom, The Honeymooners and is also a lifelong VHS collector of old horror movies. He has also recently released two feature-length documentaries, 
Magnetic Highway: The Rise, Fall, and Resurgence of the Independent Video Store and a sequel, Magnetic Highway - Exit 2Scott has also served as a celebrity guest judge for various film festivals - including Atlanta's long-running movie showcase, Buried Alive and has hosted the Freak Show Film Fest, an offshoot of Orlando's popular Spooky Empire horror convention. 

For nearly 20 years, Scott has been appearing at various comic cons, fan conventions, charity events, and trade shows and has gained a large, loyal following in both the paranormal and horror genres. When time and schedule permits, he continues to make appearances and is always available for bookings.

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